A gazebo makes a beautiful addition to your backyard or garden.

The Gazebo Hut

Wood Gazebos

Wood Gazebo

A wood gazebo looks like a natural part of its surroundings, blending in beautifully with trees and shrubs.

A wood gazebo can be rustic or elegant, painted or natural — but whatever style of wood gazebo you might choose, you can be sure it will add a beautiful and relaxing touch of nature along with protection from sun and rain.

Wood Gazebo Construction

  • Wood gazebos are most often constructed of pressure-treated pine or western red cedar.
  • Fasteners should be of stainless steel or treated for corrosion resistance.
  • Roofing materials should make use of quality shingles. Cedar shake shingles are popular choices for gazebo roofing.

Red Cedar Gazebos

Western Red Cedar is a popular choice for gazebos due to its natural beauty, its resistance to decay, its distinctive aroma, and its longevity. Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that help the wood resist decay and rot, and serves as a natural deterrent to insects. When properly finished, and maintained well, Western Red Cedar lasts for many years and ages beautifully.

Cedar is a particularly beautiful wood, withy a textured grain that ranges in color from rich browns to reds, cinnamon, and amber. Because cedar is free from the pitch and resins found in almost all other woods, it is exceptionally suitable for a wide range of finishes, from oils and stains to paint.

Western red cedar is much more stable than most soft woods, which makes it particularly suitable for structures such as gazebos. Cedar lies flat, doesn't shrink, and holds it fastenings tightly. It can be planed to an exceptionally smooth surface, and it does not need any toxic chemical treatments to make it resistant to decay.

Treated Pine Gazebos

Pine gazebos are usually constructed of Southern yellow pine that has been pressure treated to make it resistant to decay, rot, and insect damage. Properly prepared pine can be stained or painted to your liking



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