A gazebo makes a beautiful addition to your backyard or garden.

The Gazebo Hut

Vinyl Gazebos

Vinyl Gazebo

A vinyl gazebo is not only attractive and durable, it is virtually maintenance-free.

A vinyl gazebo can be more affordable than a wood gazebo, and when constructed with high-quality vinyl for outdoor use, will be resistant to discoloration, cracking and splitting to give you many years of pleasure.

Vinyl gazebos may be made of a solid vinyl composite material, or may be constructed of pressure-treated pine with a durable vinyl coating.

The best thing about vinyl gazebos is that they're nearly maintenance-free! Mostly you just need to clean them occasionally with soap and water when the dirt and grime start building up.

Vinyl Gazebo Construction

  • Stainless steel and corrosion resistant fasteners should be used.
  • Flooring should be vinyl composite decking designed for outdoor use.
  • Roofing materials on vinyl gazebos should make use of quality shingles.


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