A gazebo makes a beautiful addition to your backyard or garden.

The Gazebo Hut

Gazebo Options and Upgrades

Once you decide to add a gazebo to your garden or yard, you'll have some decisions to make.

Gazebo Shape

  • Rectangular Gazebo
    Rectangular gazebos offer the most usable square footage, so if you plan to use your gazebo for entertaining or serving meals, you might want to go with a rectangular gazebo
  • Octagonal Gazebo
    The "classic gazebo," if there is such a thing, is a wooden 8-sided structure. If you prefer classical lines and a nostalgic appearance, the octagonal gazebo may be right for you.
  • Oval Gazebo
    The oval gazebo presents a classic design that
  • Dodecagon Gazebo
    The 12-sided gazebo is larger and generally more elaborate than the octagonal structure, presenting an ornate appearance and providing plenty of interior space.

Gazebo Construction Material

  • Wood — usually pressure-treated pine or western red cedar
  • Vinyl — nearly maintenance free
  • Wrought Iron — also very low maintenance, and extremely durable
  • Aluminum and other metal gazebos are also available.

Gazebo Extras

  • Built in bench seats, chairs, or tables
  • Built in swings
  • Wiring packages for electricity
  • Ceiling fans (require electricity)
  • Screened windows to keep out mosquitos, flies and other pests
  • Fancy railings, brackets, support posts
  • Regular roof or double roof
  • Roof cupola
    Cupolas were originally designed as ventilation, to permit airflow through the roof of the gazebo. In many of today's gazebos, however, they may be purely decorative. If you want a cupola for roof ventilation, be sure to check and make sure that the gazebo and roof cupola you are considering are designed to provide ventilation, and that the cupola is not purely decorative in nature.
  • Weathervane on the roof

Hurricane Package

Many gazebos are offered with an optional hurricane package to secure the gazebo against hurricane-force winds. A hurricane package should include braces, brackets, hurricane tie-downs, and anchoring to provide protection for winds up to 140mph or greater. If you live in an area subject to hurricanes, a hurricane package may be the best option you can buy for your gazebo, because if your gazebo blows away during a hurricane, what good will any of the other options be?



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