A gazebo makes a beautiful addition to your backyard or garden.

The Gazebo Hut

Gazebo With Chair

This garden gazebo with comfortable seating provides a restful, relaxing spot for quiet conversation, reading, or just sitting quietly.


A gazebo in your backyard or garden is likely to become one of your favorite places in all the world — to reflect, meditate, read, have an intimate conversation, enjoy your hot tub or spa, entertain family and friends, enjoy a cocktail, sip your morning coffee, or just sit and do nothing. A gazebo can also be one of the most attractive additions you can make to your home.

Gazebos, also known as pergolas, summer houses, screen houses, pagodas, and pavilions, have been popular in backyards and gardens for generations. Their popularity has grown in recent generations, and they are now one of the most common garden structures in the world. The classic wood octagonal gazebo of red cedar is probably what comes to mind when you think of gazebos, but there are many different sizes and styles of gazebos.

Gazebos can be constructed of wood, wrought iron, or vinyl. Their shape can be an oval, an octagon, rectangle, or dodecagon (12 sides). Gazebos can have a simple asphalt roof, a double roofs, or even a roof with a cupola. A gazebo can be very small (a "lover's gazebo" 6 feet or smaller) or large enough to hold a party in. A gazebo can be screened to keep out pests, or open style without screens. They can include built-in benches, chairs, swings, and tables, and they can be wired with electricity to allow for ceiling fans, electric lights, and other fixtures.

Buying a Gazebo: Standard Styles or Custom Design?

Many gazebos are available in a wide selection of pre-configured standard styles, or they can be custom designed and built to complement your garden and accommodate your particular needs. Gazebo kits can also be purchased, to built your own gazebo, and gazebo construction plans are readily available for the do-it-yourselfer. As with any type of structure, it is most affordable to have a standard design installed by a contractor who specializes in such gazebos and has a ready-made selection of styles to choose from.

Gazebos can also be designed to enclose and shelter a hot tub or spa, providing protection from sun, rain or snow and allowing you to enjoy your spa during almost any weather.



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